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Sandia Lab opens its doors on 12th September

Born from the radioactive dust of the Manhattan project, Sandia started life for real in 1948 as a focused laboratory whose prime area of interest was to support/create/develop the parts of nuclear weapons that were not nuclear. While other labs would focus on increasing the power of warheads etc, Sandia …

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Mother’s Day Technology? Bit of Camden magic

Every year, millions and millions of technology enthusiasts are plagued by the same question. Why is it so easy to buy cool new stuff for ourselves and yet so hard to innovate for family members who just don’t share our passion. KitGuru HQ has been sent some pictures of a …

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Follow your crap on Google, for a good cause

When scientists embark on multi-billion dollar projects to launch satellites, map the earth and set up the most advanced tracking & computational centres ever seen, they were probably in Star Trek mode. Certain that they were adding to the sum of human knowledge and helping NASA to reach for the …

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