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Mother’s Day Technology? Bit of Camden magic

Every year, millions and millions of technology enthusiasts are plagued by the same question. Why is it so easy to buy cool new stuff for ourselves and yet so hard to innovate for family members who just don’t share our passion. KitGuru HQ has been sent some pictures of a product purchased for £2.50 that might do the trick.

London is a great place in the spring time. For the high-end, hardcore shopper you have Knightsbridge and Covent Garden. For the mass market you have Oxford Street and Regent Street. However, far more interesting, is the ‘street level’ shopping experience offered by Camden Market. Although a lot of the market is now open during the week, it really comes alive over Saturday and Sunday. Dig through the stalls and, every now and then, you can find something that’s truly surprising.

Here’s a view from Camden Station, at the start of the market.

These shoppers are in dire need of defragmentation

This is ‘under the bridge’. The small entrance way you see here, opens up into a huge market area – pedestrian zone only.

It's like an iceberg. 90% of the market is hidden behind these walls. No cars allowed.

OK, enough of KitGuru acting as the tourist board routine – where’s this magic technology that will make us all look like better children?

Well, it starts with some very small balls, an overnight soak in a bowl of water and the addition of fresh flowers and a windowsill.

What we don’t know is “What was the scientist that invented these ACTUALLY trying to achieve?”

Various sizes and colours - but all very, very tiny.

Following an overnight soaking in regular water.

Reusable, they actually give back the water over 2 weeks - keeping the flowers alive.

Now ask yourself, are you ready for a close-up of my magic balls?

We've never seen such beautiful balls. So full and attractive. My oh my.

So there you have it. Mad scientist strikes and manages to create a little magic for mother’s day or birthdays or Christmas days or Eid Mubarak days.

KitGuru says: You might be able to get these elsewhere in the world, but unless one of you tells us that’s the case – we will continue to believe that the magic balls are only available from the magic market of Camden.

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