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Pornhub gives free laptop to embarrassed fan

It sounds like the script for one of the Pornhub’s many thousands of videos. One dedicated fan of the adult video site recently posted a picture of his broken laptop, after he allegedly punched the screen when it froze just as his mother was coming up the stairs. Apparently having …

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Could you go a week without internet?

When you depend on the internet for work and gaming as I do, the concept of not going online for a week is a bit of a strange one. It’s the kind of thing I like to do when I go on holiday, including turning my phone off, but it’s …

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Mother’s Day Technology? Bit of Camden magic

Every year, millions and millions of technology enthusiasts are plagued by the same question. Why is it so easy to buy cool new stuff for ourselves and yet so hard to innovate for family members who just don’t share our passion. KitGuru HQ has been sent some pictures of a …

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