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Pornhub gives free laptop to embarrassed fan

It sounds like the script for one of the Pornhub's many thousands of videos. One dedicated fan of the adult video site recently posted a picture of his broken laptop, after he allegedly punched the screen when it froze just as his mother was coming up the stairs. Apparently having no laptop is better than getting caught jerking it, but never fear, Pornhub has now announced it's giving the mega-fan a free PC to say thanks for the support.


“We got wind of what happened to Denzel and his laptop over the last few days, and realize that this is a common, yet tragic modern day mis-FAP of the average Pornhub fan,” said Pornhub VP, Corey Price. “It's also a serious blow to everyone who enjoys the privacy of a good w*** within the security of their rooms. We appreciate Denzel's loyalty, as well as his clear sense of judgement in picking our site as a digital destination for some adult oriented R&R. As a result, we would like to send him a brand new laptop alongside some awesome Pornhub swag to use for his continued pleasure.”


We've reached out to Pornhub to discover what the specifications of Denzel's new machine will be like, as clearly the above is a simple render. We wonder what all of the Pornhub “swag” will be like too.

This announcement by Pornhub follows on from several others by different online entities that are making a big push to legitimise the streaming adult industry far more so than it has been before. YouPorn famously announced it would be sponsoring an Esports team and Pornhub once again made headlines back in February, when it announced it was releasing a power generating wearable known as a WankBand.

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KitGuru Says: Perhaps these sites see the writing on the wall with leaders like David Cameron who want to see porn essentially banned. Endearing themselves with the public might not be a bad idea. 

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