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Even Pornhub is launching its own helper chatbot


If it seems like every online entity is looking to employ digital assistants to help improve their customer’s experience, that’s because they are. Everyone from Twitch, to Facebook are now looking to algorithms to help them out and it turns out pornography streaming site, Pornhub, is no different. It’s just …

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Flash porn videos will soon become a thing of the past


In the gradual disintegration of support for Adobe’s Flash player, porn sites are some of the last hold outs, but not for much longer. With browsers like Chrome ending support for it in the near future, many of the world’s largest porn peddlers are now announcing that they’re moving over to …

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PornHub now caters to the blind with descriptive audio

As pornography companies attempt to divert the continued legislative attacks on their business from various governments and organisations by pushing into the mainstream, PornHub is looking to to make its service more inclusive. It’s now launched a descriptive audio service on its site, letting those who can’t see, still enjoy what …

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HBO doesn’t want you searching for Game of Thrones boobs

Although the engaging characters and story arcs are what keep viewers watching Game of Thrones, there’s no denying that the nudity and violence help draw in first time viewers and titillate regulars. HBO wants to keep that eye candy for itself though, as it’s taking down nude clips of the …

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PornHub releases ‘premium’ Christmas advert

In a wonderful parody of the typically sickly sweet Christmas adverts that populate TV and web-videos at this time of year, PornHub has released its own. While it does poke fun at the way these sorts of adverts are usually handled though, it is also trying to sell you a …

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Pornhub gives free laptop to embarrassed fan

It sounds like the script for one of the Pornhub’s many thousands of videos. One dedicated fan of the adult video site recently posted a picture of his broken laptop, after he allegedly punched the screen when it froze just as his mother was coming up the stairs. Apparently having …

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