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PornHub has launched its own sex-education site

PornHub is looking to combat the idea that pornography harms the minds of the impressionable, by offering an educational resource of its own. Launched as a small, sub-site within the main Pornhub domain, the Sexual Wellness Center is filling up with articles, videos and Q&A resources, all in the aid of improving sexual knowledge and reducing stigmas surrounding it.

With many governments continuing to make a lot of noise about the dangers of pornography – despite studies like OfCom's own countering those claims – and an ever increasing number of sexual education websites being caught up in filters, PornHub is looking to create a new hub for information on sex. Headed by therapist and author, Dr. Laurie Betito, the site looks to offer in-depth advice for individuals, and broader topics that cover everything from STDs, to relationships and mutual pleasure.

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As it stands, the site doesn't have a whole lot of content, as it's still relatively fresh. However it's already kicked things off with a broad range of topics. Some of the articles already available on the site include: Achieving enduring love and intimacy, what is consent?, Trans 101 and how to have safer sex. While the latter topic is more common place in schools and other educational mediums, the others are far less so and show PornHub's interest in promoting healthy sexual contact, rather than just how to avoid pregnancy and disease.

The site is also accepting questions for Sexual Wellness Center head, Dr. Betito, so if you have any questions yourself, feel free to fire them off to see what she says.

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KitGuru Says: I hope more schools and parents can see how sexual education beyond the basics is important. The only “dangers,” of porn come from a lack of real education. Teaching young adults about the importance of consent, of mutual enjoyment is just as important in explaining about pregnancy and disease. 

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