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Follow your crap on Google, for a good cause

When scientists embark on multi-billion dollar projects to launch satellites, map the earth and set up the most advanced tracking & computational centres ever seen, they were probably in Star Trek mode. Certain that they were adding to the sum of human knowledge and helping NASA to reach for the stars. You'd think. What if, instead, you took that technology and tracked your crap?  KitGuru dons a nose plug and heads into the world of high-tech sewage technology.

Many people have had dreams where they are trying to get away from an unseen threat. Normally, this feeling of fear is accompanied by an inability to reach escape velocity. You can't quite run as fast as you do in the waking world, the threat itself is always gaining on you and the environment changes suddenly to add even more adrenaline rush. Keep that in mind for now, we'll come back to it.

Domestos is the household cleaning project that kills all known germs dead (or, at least that's what it says on the bottle).

In addition to producing the most powerful bleach you're ever likely to pour down your toilet, they are also keen to bring better/safer toilet facilities to those around the world where human waste stays exactly where it's put.

Enter the smart applications development people and their ‘Toilet Tracker App'. What does it do?  Well, in a nutshell, you give it the starting time/place of your latest flush – and it provides tracking facilities in real time.

With your pop-up blocker disabled, you can access this intriguing application here, http://www.flushtracker.com

At first, you're certain that this is some kind of joke

Having launched your missile, you will find yourself fascinated by the projectile's progress. It's like the first time you see an in-flight application showing where you are over Europe. It's dull, but gripping at the same time.

Since we started typing this piece, KitGuru's own log has managed to travel almost 2 miles at 4.23 miles per hour. Generally north. Saying that, there were some very interesting turns at the start. We guess that it's like a giant, underground torrent that swarms together.

If you find this fun and want to help the less fortunate around the world improve their toilet facilities and overall standard of life, then you have the option to donate here as well.

What a smart way to use technology in order to inform and help

KitGuru says: While some might say that this is a s**t idea, to us it seems like a really smart way to use technology in order to engage and inform.  Well done Domestos for thinking that far outside the box!   If you'd like to help those less fortunate than yourself, please ping this story to some friends. It will probably make them laugh – and it will definitely raise awareness of a real problem.

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