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U.S. businesses complain about new EU privacy rules

EU citizens’ data cannot be so easily sent to the U.S. any more thanks to a ruling on Tuesday which saw a European court shoot down the “Safe Harbour” system, which allows companies to self-certify whether they have enough data protection measures in place when sending customer information overseas. Moving …

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Should Facebook protect sex offender’s identity?

A case has moved to the High Court which could impact how social networking sites deal with information sharing in the future. Facebook Ireland Limited finds itself at the centre of a mini-storm that could have far reaching consequences. KitGuru takes a high altitude balloon to see how the front …

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EU ruling validates used game sales

Used Games Sales Ok

Regardless of the license agreement signed by the end user, the purchaser of software has the right to sell it on, an EU court as ruled. While this declaration was made with regards to software in general, by their very nature games are applicable. The ruling was made by the …

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