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Space X manages ‘soft’ and ‘vertical’ sea landing

Although NASA has continued to wow the world with its efforts in sending robots to Mars and planet discovery, it’s Elon Musk’s Space X that has captured many people’s imaginations this year, with the continued push for a re-usable first-stage Falcon rocket using an automated drone platform. While the last effort didn’t …

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Space X sea-barge landing too ‘hard’

Commercial space organisation, Space X, attempted a frequently delayed unmanned mission to the International Space Station on Saturday, delivering supplies and important cargo to the orbiting station for the first time in months. While the launch itself went off without a hitch, the big scientific experiment with it was to see …

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Space X to attempt sea-barge soft landing

One of the biggest reasons that rocket launches are so expensive, is that most parts of the initial boost stages aren’t recoverable. They separate in our atmosphere as the next engines engage, and fall back to earth – but not so on Space X’s Falcon 9 craft. Today, at 11:20 …

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