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PS4 and Xbox One combined sales 40% higher over last gen

We knew that the current generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft have been doing pretty well in terms of sales but it seems that things are going significantly better than even last generation. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 went on for eight and seven years respectively before being …

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Haswell: what do you think?

Intel’s Haswell line of CPUs has been out for a while now, but unlike previous generations of Intel chips that blew away the competition (it’s been a long time since AMD really nipped at Intel’s heels) Haswell didn’t make such a big splash. It wasn’t because of its default performance …

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Win a Z87 mainboard from Asus

The world is waiting with baited breath for Intel’s 4th Generation of Core processor – due to arrive shortly in the hallowed halls of Computex. Now ASUS is giving you the chance to win an amazing Z87 mainboard ! ASUS today have announced the complete lineup of motherboards built around …

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IBM pioneers 2.7nm production possibility

You gotta love IBM. While the world plus dog runs around trying to sell a better tablet or phone or hamburger, the blue-suits at International Business Machines are happy focused on one thing: Creating tomorrow. Now Dr Parkin, one of IBM’s Fellows, has spoken with Science Magazine and revealed an …

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Intel Sandybridge revelation. No O/C for poor i3 ?

Will Intel reduce overclocking options on its next generation processors?  That’s what KitGuru spies are hearing and it is slightly worrying. A concerned KitGuru investigates. Back in the 90s, AMD managed to stretch out a significant lead over Intel in the enthusiast space for one simple reason. Intel doggedly refused …

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