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Facebook goes down in a big way – GMail joins it

Watching ‘The Social Network’, you can see just how much Facebook’s founders value ‘up time’. They are almost maniac about it. In the real world, the globe’s second biggest site does a great job of staying up and running, but something strange seems to have hit the interwibble this evening. …

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Gmail experiences downtime, affects 5 million people

Google had problems yesterday with their GMAIL service and they have yet to reveal the issues which affected around 5 million people. Google have been proud of their uptime, breaking records of 99 percent since 2007. The service was down for 2 percent of the audience yesterday, totaling around an …

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Google claim Chinese government are blocking gmail

Google have claimed that the Chinese government are blocking the Gmail service, after many users have complained they cannot access the site. Users of Gmail in China have not been able to access accounts and have had issues sending email and using other services for the last two weeks. Google …

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