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Android malware problem up by 472 percent

As Android continues to grow in popularity, so does the problem of aggressive malware code. Expert reports are claiming that the growth of this malware is a staggering 472 percent since July. SecurityNewsDaily spoke with Tim Armstrong of Kaspersky Lab and he said “Android malware is growing at an exponential …

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Google warn users: new search malware in wild

Google are warning millions of people to be on the lookout for a new malware which has already infected many computers. This malicious software will install on unsuspecting computers after scamming people with promises of ‘anti virus software’. In theory, the software sounds very similar to the strain which has …

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Google continue to battle against Android Malware

Google are dealing with a growing infestation of Malware which threatens to damage the Android market. They have had to remove more dodgy programs in the last week. A security researcher who found the rogue software reported it to Google who acted swiftly, but it begs the question. Do they …

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