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Google warn users: new search malware in wild

Google are warning millions of people to be on the lookout for a new malware which has already infected many computers. This malicious software will install on unsuspecting computers after scamming people with promises of ‘anti virus software’.

In theory, the software sounds very similar to the strain which has been actively targeting Apple Macintosh users in recent months.

Thanks to sophisticated Google software they were able to latch onto the search patterns, which led to the finding and subsequent security alert.

Malware is a growing problem, even for the Mac community

The Malware, according to early reports, uses algorithms and code to redirect users through proxy servers, where the malware originators can maliciously change search results, sending them back to the unsuspecting user.

Google have said they will warn people who have been infected and to give them steps to upgrade or install antivirus software to help deal with the growing problem. Google will cleverly return a search result which says “your computer appears to be infected.” to those people unaware of the problem with a link to troubleshooting the problem and hopefully erasing it from the infected system.

Kitguru says: There are, as yet no further details on the malware as it is still being thoroughly investigated.

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