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16 year old arrested in UK for links to Anonymous

According to UK newspapers a 16 year old has been arrested in the UK, as part of bigger FBI plans to target high profile hacking groups Anonymous and Lulzsec.

The teenager has apparently been arrested in London late yesterday and is being held in a police station, under custody. He has been held under suspicion of breaking the ‘Computer Misuse Act 1990’.

As we reported today, 14 people have been arrested for alleged links to Anonymous, a group who have been targeting attacks on various organisations after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was arrested for leaking sensitive, classified documents.

Anonymous: image courtesy of Anonops

Both Anonymous and Lulzsec, who are said to ‘share’ some key members, have been at the center of a series of high profile attacks in recent months against Sony, The Sun Newspaper, Mastercard, Visa and other government based organisations.

The 14 people were said to be have been part of a PayPal attack and have been charged with conspiracy, which could mean a maximum penalty of five years in prison, if found guilty. Additionally, if they are found guilty of intentional damage to a protected computer, this could add a maximum of 10 years to a jail sentence. The Dutch National Police Agency are also said to be involved, with four arrests.

Kitguru says: There are, as yet, no more details on the teenager arrested in South London yesterday, but we will be following the case.

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