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nVidia Geforce GT430 Review

nVidia launched DX11 a full 6 months behind AMD’s Radeon 5000 series and it’s been playing catch-up ever since. Today we are looking at the GT430, the latest and lowest priced model in the new Fermi range. It will be nVidia’s first Fermi fired into the huge sub-£100 market. Winning …

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Radeon HD 5670 price drop to kill GT430 ?

KitGuru constantly monitors product pricing across the globe. We do this intelligently – using a smart surveillance system. Early alerts, which we have flagged as ‘strange behaviour’ are then checked and re-checked to ensure accuracy. From there, we can extrapolate patterns and understand what is really going on. So how …

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nVidia GT430 available for £65

We have no idea what this nVidia GT430 product is, it does not seem to have been launched, but – for some reason – it is on sale already for £65. Strange. Could this be the same card as the one KitGuru predicted would be launched on 11th October a …

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