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nVidia Geforce GT430 Review

Rating: 5.0.

nVidia launched DX11 a full 6 months behind AMD’s Radeon 5000 series and it’s been playing catch-up ever since. Today we are looking at the GT430, the latest and lowest priced model in the new Fermi range. It will be nVidia’s first Fermi fired into the huge sub-£100 market. Winning will be everything here, so just how many sales can nVidia hope to capture with the GT430?  KitGuru investigates.

While nVidia’s briefing notes say that  GT430 will replace the GT220, it’s street price of £65 to £70 puts it head-to-head with the 512MB Radeon HD5670 – a formidable budget card.

We had expected the GT430 to go head to head with the sub £50 HD5500 but this isn’t the case.

Searching the net on a Sunday afternoon, we’ve even seen the 1GB version of the HD5670 on sale for around £80 inc vat, which is a fantastic price point to achieve. Rumour on the grapevine is that the 1GB HD5670 is set for a price drop soon, to around £70 inc vat.

Let’s start with nVidia’s target market. Hardcore gamers are not likely to buy this kind of card, so the DX11 GT430 is clearly aimed at the media audience who might also want to game at modest resolutions (720p) with realistic IQ settings.

Has the GT430 got enough horsepower and image quality to compete with the excellent AMD 5670 in the same price zone? Today we will find out.

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  • Roger

    ekk, same price as a HD5670, thats a bit of a mess.

  • Tim

    Disaster, the card doesnt seem to have much going for it, certainly not at that price.

    Why not make it passively cooled and the same price as a HD5500 series card? like 40 quid.

  • Roger

    Very highly overpriced. as a media card it seems decent as the HQV testing shows, but again the HD5670 is better. Dont think it has anything really to sell it. price needs to be 40-50 quid.

  • Dave

    They all need to passively cooled and under £50. not sure what they are thinking. performance is very poor.

  • Tri Color

    Very honest, and I like to see KG not hiding behind some silly comments. its a poor board. GTX460 seems to be the only no brainer this time around.

  • Brad

    Well this is very open. I am a bit sick seeing 9/10s on this site, I doubt this review will make you popular with nvidia fans, but It is a tough card to recommend. I think even the 5570 si a better card. at least its passively cooled too !

  • Raymond

    I have read this and there was certainly no quarter drawn 🙂

    It isn’t a poor card, power consumption is good and noise levels are decent.

    My points are this and its been said before.

    1: price needs to put it into the RIGHT CATEGORY! £45 inc vat
    2: passively cooled, all solutions (or see point 3)
    3: non passive cooled solutions need the clocks raised much higher to help with gaming.

    I know people say its a ‘media card’ but come on, even people who are media fanatics, still play the odd title at 720p. this card even struggles at that, which is acceptable for 45 quid, not 65. HD5670 is a decent media gaming card, so this has to be as well, or else the price has to change. fact.

  • Tech Head

    10/10 review. dig the honesty. product sucks. There are loads of cards in this price sector which deliver better performance. point proven today.

    Maybe they can;t drop the price more, but this is destined to fail. loads of threads up across the net already. its only decent for encoding some files. but very few media people care less with even powerful low end CPU’s today.

  • JCB

    Well this article is useless as it it compares against the wrong ATI graphics card…

    The Nvidia GT430 is priced at about $79 (£51) and so competes with the ATI 5550 which would look much more interesting, and a Best buy rating !

  • Tech Head


    This is the common pricing online. learn to count http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-239-AS&groupid=701&catid=56&subcat=1863

  • Davy

    JCB has been on the LSD 🙂

    The whole point of this article is that the 430 SHOULD be £sub 50 but its £65-70!

    Might be cheaper in america but it sure as shit aint in the UK.

  • harry

    Maybe if I got a flight to New York, it might work out at £50, but id need to get a flight for £3 before it would be worth my time.

    All the prices today in the UK are 65 to 75 quid in the uk. ive not seen any decent makes for close to 50 quid. at 70 quid for the asus card, thats 5 less than a 1gb HD5670 ! well worth a 6 month wait for this crap.

  • i wait for the nexgenartion cards