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nVidia GT430 available for £65

We have no idea what this nVidia GT430 product is, it does not seem to have been launched, but – for some reason – it is on sale already for £65. Strange.

Could this be the same card as the one KitGuru predicted would be launched on 11th October a L-O-N-G time back?  Maybe.


LamdaTek has something called a GT430 for £65, but we don't know what it is

Paris New York (or PNY as it’s known to its friends), seems to have a previously unseen 1GB nVidia GT430 graphic card on sale at places like LamdaTek for £65 including VAT. That’s around £55.32 exclusing vat. If this store marks up around 10%, then the sell-in price will be just over £50.

Assuming there is no direct deal with Santa Clara, then a distributor will also be involved. According to PNY’s web site, there are 3 places that LamdaTek could be buying these cards from, Computer2000, Enta and MicroP.

LamdaTek's GT430 would normally have arrived from one of these 3 distributors

If the distributor is selling in to a store around £50 and they want to make 10% on the product, then the channel price would be around $70.

So, if this card existed, what would it be up against from AMD’s armoury?

Let’s say that someone looking to spend around £65 will be happy to go +/-£10.

So what’s in the market up to £75 ?

Places like Dabs are taking orders for a 775MHz Radeon HD 5670’s from XFX and Sapphire around £69.

The 1GB versions are around £79 inc vat.

If you wanted to drop down around £10, then you can pick up an XFX Radeon HD 5550 with Dirt2 for £57.

So, whatever this GT430 is, if it is hitting the streets at £65 inc vat, then we’ve outlined the likely competition. It will be interesting to see how it all lines up.

Under the heading of FLAGS OF OUR PREDICTIONS, KitGuru has been saying for a L-O-N-G time that the GT430 would be available at £69. We’re still confident that this prediction was amazingly accurate.

KitGuru says: Despite what the KitGuru audience might think, most people who experience DX11 are likely to be doing it with a 5550/5670 class product that costs them way under £100. Let’s keep an eye on this fight.

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