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AMD HD6870 info/pic leaked – ATI branding ditched

In the run up to any major launch we always have ‘leaks’ on the net and insider info making their way into the public domain. The first picture of what appears to be AMD’s HD6870 has just leaked on the net.

This image was posted on Chinese ‘pokemon looking’ tech website it.com.cn from an unknown source. What we see however is that the ATI branding has been ditched, as expected.

The rear of this card shows two DVI-I ports, HDMI port and two MiniDisplay Ports. Information translated shows that the card will support AMD’s Eyefinity multi monitor technology, although how many individual displays the five connectors can power is not yet confirmed.

The HD6870 is based around the Barts Pro GPU and will be paired up with a HD6850 for launch.

KitGuru says: Obviously KitGuru will have more information on the cards, when AMD break their NDA, but for now, the chinese leaks keep flooding in.

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