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XFX Pro Series 750W Power Supply Review

Rating: 8.5.

Last week we reviewed the XFX Pro Series 650W Power supply which proved to be a very capable Seasonic based product offering competitive pricing. Today we follow up with the second in our three part series and focus on the mid priced Pro Series 750W supply.

All of the Pro Series XFX products are created for the mainstream enthusiast audience. They have 80 Plus Bronze certification to ensure good efficiency levels while being able to maintain a fair pricing structure. XFX are really keen to highlight that many manufacturers are releasing products with inflated, false wattage ratings.

EasyRail Technology is a key focal point for XFX with a slogan of ‘one rail, one setup’. We know that Seasonic are the manufacturer behind this design so we have high hopes for a quality power supply today. XFX are giving a full five year warranty with each power supply. European customers simply have to register their product on www.xfxforce.co.uk to upgrade the standard 3 year warranty to the full 5 year plan.

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  • Tech Head

    Another good product in this range. the prices are wicked. half the price of gold rated products.

  • Tim

    I agree, while they aren’t performance leaders, the combination of build, efficiency, low ripple and price point achievement is a heady result.

  • Frank

    under 90 quid, thats a winner. no weaknesses either.

  • Hunglung

    They look great too. gotta say though, the powercolor supplies look better. I like the bright sports like fans.

  • Thomas

    When you work with seasonic, it is hard to go wrong. these must be some of the best low cost power supplies on the market today.

  • Jerry

    Seasonic are great, nice to see them working with enthusiast based XFX. they have ‘wrapped’ these up well.

  • Brad

    Im going to wait on the 850W review to make sure there are weaknesses. think its the best future proof option when I upgrade to my new 6850 😉 (or two later)

  • Ben

    Only thing thats stopping me buying one of these is the fact it isnt modular. I hate having a pile of cables inside I dont need. especially after buying a nice modded case with window and uv lighting.

  • Samuel Perks

    These are such good value for money. Bronze certification is more than enough for most people.

  • Jorg

    They look good and the design is solid. I just cant buy non modular anymore, so much mess inside a case. hate them.

  • John

    These are great low cost models. Reasonably priced with good efficency and internal design from seasonic.

  • Lou

    Great product and for once doesn’t cost a fortune

  • Samuel

    Excellent performance and I like the looks. Can’t see th need for much more unless you need high end sli or cf

  • Dean

    Seasonic make great designs, and this is well priced from XFX. Deserves to sell well