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nVidia drops the price of GTX460 another $20

If KitGuru had known that nVidia would be announcing weekly price cuts, we would have hired an intern to write these stories. The GTX460 is easily the most popular of the Fermi cards released so far, so why another price cut?  KitGuru empties the bins around nVidia's HQ in Theale, …

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GTS450 at £99 by 14th September?

The nVidia GTS450 will not only be in UK stores by 14th September, it will also be available at the magical £99 mark. Sure, some of them will cost more, but we believe that nVidia wants the volume and it wants to kick AMD out of system builder SKUs. To do …

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Geforce GTS 450 to have a 128 bit memory interface?

With the release of the GTX 460 which received a glowing review on KitGuru, Nvidia are due to release a new series of DX11 cards, specifically models which will go head to head with lower end ATi boards such as the excellent HD5770. Turkish site Donanim Haber posted some details …

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