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GTS450 at £99 by 14th September?

The nVidia GTS450 will not only be in UK stores by 14th September, it will also be available at the magical £99 mark. Sure, some of them will cost more, but we believe that nVidia wants the volume and it wants to kick AMD out of system builder SKUs. To do that, it needs to win comparative side-by-side reviews. With the GTX460 now down to £140, and the GTX460 fall out part (GTS455) to follow soon, there's not much space for the slower GTS450 to aim at. Can Jay Puri bend it like Beckham for the win?

While other sites step forward, ponder and then step back again – overcome with fear that they might be wrong – KitGuru puts on the concrete wellingtons of power and stamps its way to the front of the pack and hoist a prediction.

Armed with another in the series ‘Flags of our Predictions', we're happy to state (without fear or favour) that the nVidia GTS450 card will not only be available in stores on 14th September, it will also be available at £99 (that's about $149 in funny money).

KitGuru puts a marker in the ground. You'll get some kind of GTS450 at £99

As the crowd cheers “Get in the ring!“, you need to think carefully about what the GTS450 is  up against – from both AMD and nVidia.

While major online stores like Overclockers are selling top of the range, 1GB, Turbo Mode Radeon HD 5770 cards up to £147 (£124.99 ex vat), the vast majority of these DX11 products are closer to £119.

Will nVidia focus too much on top of the range 5770 cards ?

While, at the same time, other vendors are already pushing 512MB versions of the Radeon HD 5770 on basic circuit boards with stock coolers – for just over £92 (£76.47).

If you like AA - 512MB won't help - but it is a 5770 core

The lower the price of the GTS450, the greater its chance of selling in volume. Right now, nVidia needs that volume. It would also be useful for TSMC.

Given that 512MB Asus HD 5770 cards are already well under £100, it will be interesting to see just how cheap the GTS450 cards will go by varying the memory options and cooling solutions.

In addition to saying that there will be a version at £99 or less, we're also prepared to put another prediction down. This time we'll say that the top selling GTS450 will be a 1GB version, with a better cooling solution, around £129.

KitGuru says: Anyone turning up to Multiplay's i40 with a GTS250 or less will find our latest revelation very interesting. What Jay Puri and his minions will want to know is “Just how many of the Multiplay faithful will have moved to GTS450 by the time i41 kicks off on 12th November?”.  Here's a question: Why would nVidia spec sheets be showing a 75w and a 150w version?  Let us know your theories!

Quickie below – full blown here in the forum.

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