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Google cancel ‘Google Wave’

Net giant Google have decided to cancel Google Wave after it was released last year. Australian developed Google Wave was released with the intention of radically changing email and group communication. Unfortunately the platform did not reach expected adoption figures.

Australian Lars Rasmussen was the brains behind the idea which was to merge email, online chat and social networking with ‘wiki' style group access to web pages and documents.

Google Australia told AAP that current users would not be left without a solution. “We're in the process of reaching out to users and customers about it, We have a team called the Data Liberation Front … we will work to develop tools for customers to easily export all their content and data from Wave.”

Luckily enough staff members of the Wave project are not being fired, but will instead be moved to other areas of the company for use in other projects.

“We want to push the boundaries of computer science and we are really proud of what Wave has achieved and what the team here in Australia has done,” a google spokesperson said.

KitGuru says: You can't win them all, even if you are Google.

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