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Geforce GTS 450 to have a 128 bit memory interface?

With the release of the GTX 460 which received a glowing review on KitGuru, Nvidia are due to release a new series of DX11 cards, specifically models which will go head to head with lower end ATi boards such as the excellent HD5770. Turkish site Donanim Haber posted some details about the GTS 450 which is apparently due for release at the end of August.

Donanim Haber says that the card will have a GF106 graphics processor, 1GB of GDDR5 memory and will be built around a 128 bit memory bus. It is common among enthusiast circles to shudder at the mere mention of 128bits, but with GDDR5 it is possible to eleviate bandwidth constraints by clocking it high. With the memory sitting at 1.2ghz for instance it can translate to around 77GB/s which is more than enough for this specific market.

Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun - hoping the GTS450 will sell by the bucketload

Pricing is obviously guess work right now but figures being mentioned on many rumour sites for the GTS 450 and 455 place them firmly into HD5770 territory, which makes sense as nVidia already have a HD5830 beater out already with the GTX460.

More information as we get it but we hope these sell better than reports which KitGuru received of first week GTX 460 sales in the UK days ago.

KitGuru says: Is this the card you are waiting for? a possible HD5770 beater?

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