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Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB Review

Rating: 9.0.

KitGuru loves SSD’s – and with small affordable units hitting the market such as the excellent Intel X25-V 40GB and the upcoming Corsair 40GB Force there has never been a better time to take the plunge.

Many of the new performance units feature the SandForce controller however the model are looking at today from Crucial features a Marvell 88SS9174 BJP2 controller – thanks to an exclusive partnership between the companies.

The Sandforce controller has been a huge success due to the smart compression algorithms it uses to create stunning high performance levels … however Crucial and Marvell have opted to take a more traditional approach. The Marvell controller is designed around a central drive controller chip which is linked to Micron DRAM which resides on the rear of the PCB. This means there is no performance penalty when switching between compressed or uncompressed data.

The Crucial REALSSD is available in 128GB and 256GB configurations and we are reviewing the larger model today.

Crucial Real SSD C300 128GB 256GB
Read Speed (max) 355MB/s 355MB/s
Write Speed (max) 140MB/s 215MB/s
Controller Marvell Marvell
Buffer Chip Micron Micron
Buffer size 256MB 256MB
Trim Support Yes Yes
Retail Price £335 £550

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  • Tech head

    thats a hell of a drive, shame the 128GB version is significantly slower with write speeds.

  • Eric K

    550 quid is just too much money for me, but if you had money to spend on this, its a good choice. nice size too,. Interesting info about onboard controllers not being up to the grade either, didnt know that.

  • Tim

    Yah, other sites mentioned onboard controllers not being up to the 6 GBps grade either.

  • Steve

    It really is such a confusing market, so many controllers out there, indilinx etc. and it seems every new one is that much faster. has to stop soon, we are now in a situation when the onboard controller chips, even on new 6GBps boards arent up to the task!

  • Harry

    I went into this review with trepidation, thinking it might suck and thankfully it rocks 🙂 I ordered one a few days ago. I hate ordering stuff before I read reviews about it (well i did on another site but they suck).

  • Tri Color

    Can we have a review of the 128GB version please? the 256gb is too much for me and i want to know if the write speed of the 128GB causes it to be vastly inferior.

  • Trev

    Well this is rather sexual 🙂 £550 is a bit much for me, my missus would have my family jewels mounted to a pole if she saw this coming out of our bank account.

    Id go for the 128gb model, shame it wasnt reviewed.

  • Bertie

    There has to be some serious performance for £550, and I think this delivers. Is it worth it? thats another point. for me personally yes it is, and I just ordered one from Crucial direct. ordered from them before and they use special delivery which is quick and reliable 🙂

  • Broke as sin now

    My Dog died last month and I need cheering up. ordered this for my new intel system. ill regret it later when my credit card bill appears, but right now I dont care. thanks for the review.

  • Fluffychicken

    Well I just ordered this from crucial and am now going to scan to buy the controller. I cashed in some shares. cant wait 🙂


    256GB ? SSD? 350MB/s second? too fast for onboard controllers? ekkkkk. I need one now, but I also need a new car. maybe I could walk to work for a few months? :p

  • Darth Maul

    Christ almighty, I take a 2 week holiday and dont have net connection, I come back and ive to read around 20 reviews ! this site kicks some serious ass ! you guys filter all the crap hardware out and review the sweetness !

  • Stefan

    That performance is stunning. I too would have liked to see the 128GB version reviewed also, as I can’t afford £550

  • francois lebon

    Wow this is incredible. performance is higher than I thought. I wish I could afford this, 128GB model review soon please !

  • Garrys Bod

    Great review KitGuru, now to sell my wife to make up the money, might get £50 for a start at least.

  • Brian

    ah come on man, 256GB, I know this is KitGuru and we love high end hardware, but why not review the 128GB model as well ! its at least in the grasp of some of us. I think 🙂

  • Jerome

    Great to see some real world testing, I couldnt give a rats ass about some of the synthetic benchmarks sites use,. so while you use them also, a few things like boot time are handy as a quick compare. gives a more rounded overview of the whole thing. Very impressive design from crucial and their teams. I think one of these will be my next purchase whenever I get the opportunity to do so.

  • Fred

    Thanks for the writeup, very helpful

  • Sam

    The performance is quite staggering really when you see the need for a dedicated controller board to maximise throughput. The only downside obviously is the cost, but in a way this is helping mechanical drive sales as ive seen 2TB hard drives in the UK now for under £100.

  • Frank

    Well I think sandforce has just had its ass handed to it 🙂

  • Kaapstad

    I have read about the Mobo onboard controller problems so I use the SATA 3GB/s ports and have 2 in RAID 0. This still gives very fast performance loading Win7 in about 18 seconds.

  • Faith

    Needless to say that this article went live and the poor guys at YOYOTech sold out almost immediately.

    As of Sunday evening:-
    – Novatech is showing 3 in stock at £496 – ready for shipment
    – Amazon is showing 5 in stock at £508 – but suspiciously they can’t be delivered for 2-4 weeks (well dodgy)
    – Misco have loads – probably because they are at the astronomical price of £649

    Never tried buying anything from Misco, but if they throw is a couple of return flights to Paris – then maybe they are worth the extar £150 over Novatech 😉

  • Myko

    I have 2 C300 64gb drives in RAID 0, and I get 755MB/s read speeds in Sandra!