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Nvidia officially launches GeForce GTX 1630

Following on from recent leaks, Nvidia has officially announced the GTX 1630. The new entry-level GPU is already available in numerous designs from board partners, but early pricing leaves a lot to be desired.  Nvidia's announcement confirmed most of the rumours we've been sharing. The new graphics cards will be …

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Gigabyte lists various GTX 1630 graphics cards models

Rumours pointed to June 15th for the release of the GTX 1630 GPU, but as you may have noticed, it didn't happen. However, based on the new listings filled by Gigabyte in the EEC database, it seems the new entry-level graphics card will be coming soon. As usual, AIB partners …

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Nvidia GTX 1630 specs emerge ahead of imminent release

This week, rumours of a new Nvidia GeForce graphics card began doing the rounds, claiming that a GTX 1630 would be launching soon. We didn't have much more information at the time, but just one day later, we have news on specifications and release date.  According to VideoCardz, the Nvidia …

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Nvidia may replace GTX 1050 Ti with GTX 1630

This week, reports claim that Nvidia has a new GeForce GTX series graphics card on the way. Years on from the initial launch of the GTX 16 series, Nvidia might be planning to introduce a new SKU, the GTX 1630.  According to VideoCardz, the new GPU would replace the GTX …

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