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nVidia drops the price of GTX460 another $20

If KitGuru had known that nVidia would be announcing weekly price cuts, we would have hired an intern to write these stories. The GTX460 is easily the most popular of the Fermi cards released so far, so why another price cut?  KitGuru empties the bins around nVidia’s HQ in Theale, …

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Zotac GTX460 AMP! Edition Review

nVidia’s GTX460 is without a doubt the strongest card in their current lineup, the pricing is right and the performance has surprised more than a few naysayers. Even though the reference performance is excellent this hasn’t stopped manufacturers from releasing their own modded boards and KitGuru recently reviewed the MSI …

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Powercolor HD5770 Vortex 1GB Review

If you have been following the news and reviews lately you will have assuredly seen mention of nVidia’s stellar new ‘mass market’ Fermi card the GTX460 – KitGuru reviewed the overclocked eVGA version and it walked away with very high praise indeed. While it is capable of delivering a fantastic …

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eVGA GTX 460 768MB Superclocked Review

GTX460 is ‘Fermi done right’ That’s what nVidia wants us to believe after a tough year. On Wednesday 30th September 2009, Jen Hsun Huang stood on a global stage with a ‘Fermi card’ in his hand and the watching world was treated to a series of demonstrations. Subsequently, we were told …

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