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ADATA gets aggressive on portable storage pricing

From the 3.5″ floppy through to the USB pen drive, we have all gotten used to carrying data with us. As our demands have grown, so has the requirement for storage capacity. And we also want it cheap. Looks like ADATA's price aggression might yield a solution. How much storage …

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Aria slashes pricing on 3TB and 4TB drives

It was almost a year ago that the world's weather patterns combined to cause the tragedy of the Thailand floods. Alongside the loss of life, Western Digital's hard drive production was knocked for six and the world suffered huge increases in price. As KitGuru predicted, summer 2012 saw prices return …

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Hard drive prices drop as SSD sales get a boost

With Western Digital's competitors pushing hard to increase production, the market itself has found a stabilising point for hard drives. Well, they couldn't keep going up forever. Could they? KitGuru does a quick Scan and comes back with good news. Back on 3rd November, KitGuru brought you news that the …

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