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ADATA gets aggressive on portable storage pricing

From the 3.5″ floppy through to the USB pen drive, we have all gotten used to carrying data with us. As our demands have grown, so has the requirement for storage capacity. And we also want it cheap. Looks like ADATA’s price aggression might yield a solution.

How much storage is enough?

Way back in June 2010, KitGuru did a famous little experiment to see if it was possible to live with a 64GB SSD.

The answer was no, but not immediately. We actually managed to install Windows, the full Adobe suite, Microsoft Office (complete with bells and whistles) and a few games. We avoided downloading films etc, but it only lasted about 4 weeks before we started to encounter serious issues.

Using that as a starting point, it’s easy to see how 120GB is ‘livable’ and anything over 200Gb is plenty (as long as you have some proper drives in the background – waiting to back up non-essential files).

So what about a 750GB USB 3 drive that can run off the juice in the data cable and costs only £39?

Paired with a system (desktop or laptop) that is running off a 120 or 240GB SSD, it would give you 6x or 3x the capacity in a handy little portable shell – 120mm x 82mm x 21mm and weighing in at just over 185 grams.

According to ADATA, it is compatible with everything from Mac OS 9 and Windows 7 right down to Windows 8.

Under ideal conditions, the data transfer rate for your backup could approach 90MB/second, so it’s no slouch.

Given that it slips into your pocket, it's an attractive price for a 750GB USB 3 drive
Given that it slips into your pocket, it’s an attractive price for a 750GB USB 3 drive

KitGuru says: At just under £40, this 750GB external USB3 hard drive from ADATA is pretty tempting. 

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