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Pirate Bay resurfaces with many new top level domains

The last time the Pirate bay was taken down it ended up not returning with full functionality for a couple of months, so yesterday when a district court in Stockholm, Sweden, took down ThePiratebay.se and PirateBay.se, some fans of the long running torrent search site were worried. They needn’t have …

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Pirate Bay hop skips back to Swedish domain

The Pirate Bay has been playing a game of hopscotch for the past week as it changed domains multiple times, moving initially when its .SX domain was shutdown/seized, heading to Ascension Island’s .AC, then to Peru and Guyana now back to Sweden with the .SE domain it used back in …

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Pirate Bay now on .GL domain name

The PirateBay has been a permanent part of the internet for a long time now, but despite this, its domain hasn’t been quite so stationary. We saw it go from PirateBay.org to PirateBay.se back in 2012 and now it’s set to evolve into its next iteration: Piratebay.GL. This comes because …

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Pirate Bay emigrates, becomes Hydra Bay


The Pirate Bay has been one of Sweden’s most defining features throughout the 21st century so far, but that will no longer be the case, as the torrent search site has hitched up its socks and left its native shores for pastures green – and ones less filled with copyright …

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