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Gamers attracted to smaller chassis says Cooler Master

While they are famous for huge chassis like the Cosmos II and Storm Trooper etc, KitGuru learned up at Multiplay i53 that there is a definite increase in interest around small form factor chassis among gamers. Chris Gough explains the draw. While Chris didn't actually say that Cooler Master is selling …

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Thermaltake Core V 51 chassis spotted at Multiplay i53

Multiplay's legendary Insomnia events are a great place to get hands-on with a ton of kit that you don't normally find in the shops. On hand for Thermaltake was Martin Pajenkamp to explain the cool features of his Core V51 chassis. Have to say that we do like an intelligently …

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Utopia Computers exquisite paint job at Multiplay i53

At some point or another, we've all been tempted to paint a chassis. Whether you botched it with a roller or made your best effort using a primed surface and layers of spray paint, it's unlikely that you will have managed better than this system from Utopia Computers on the …

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Thermaltake Core V1 at Multiplay i53

Small Form Factor fever seemed to spread through the halls at Multiplay's Insomnia i53. We all remember the ‘time of the Shuttles' – around 10 years ago – but the problem was that the specifications were very weak. Now that does not have to be the case. Also, prices have …

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Overclockers UK delivery to your desk at Insomnia i53

Once thousands of hardcore gamers have entrenched themselves with their clan/mates at a Multiplay event like i53, they really don't want to move. So what happens if you need a repair, upgrade or gift?  No problem, Overclockers UK have pioneered an effective Delivery to your Desk system – which doubles-up …

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Cooler Master Keyboard Olympics at Multiplay i53

Getting someone to say “I love you” – even if they don't necessarily mean it – is a pretty decent marketing play. One that Cooler Master had going in full effect up at Multiplay's Insomnia i53 LAN gaming event at the massive Ricoh Arena in Coventry over the weekend. KitGuru …

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