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Utopia Computers exquisite paint job at Multiplay i53

At some point or another, we've all been tempted to paint a chassis. Whether you botched it with a roller or made your best effort using a primed surface and layers of spray paint, it's unlikely that you will have managed better than this system from Utopia Computers on the Cooler Master stand at Multiplay i53.

For most of the population, the chassis that arrives by courier is the final version that will house your next PC. For others, that chassis is an ingredient in something altogether more ambitious. Check this lustrous metallic yellow finish from Utopia Computers.

KitGuru says: We've tried to give you an idea of how this system looked – but the real world experience is just a little better than our 50Mbps HD cameras can manage. The extra effort on the keyboard, mouse and headset was definitely worth it.

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