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New Zealand head of GCSB leaves ‘sinking ship’

The head of New Zealand’s GCSB intelligence agency, Ian Fletcher, has announced his resignation on the grounds of what he describes as “family reasons.” Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, who has regularly faced off with Fletcher and the New Zealand government during the ongoing pre-trial investigations for his extradition hearing, said …

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Mass illegal surveillance down under revealed in Dotcom case

While it’s been known for a while that New Zealand’s intelligence agency GCSB (Government Communication Security Bureau) spied on Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom without legal precedent, it turns out that it may have done so in more than 80 different cases, highlighting the need for further regulation and monitoring of …

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NZ Prime Minister was friends with head of GCSB spy agency

Key FLetcher

During the Kim Dotcom extradition trial, the New Zealand prime minister, John Key, has attempted to distance himself from the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) intelligence agency that performed illegal spying on the Megaupload founder. However it has now been revealed that they were more than just acquaintances and according to some, even childhood …

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