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Apple makes iMac with 5K retina display more affordable

Apple has introduced a more affordable version of its flagship iMac with 5K retina display. The new personal computer features slightly slower processor and lower-performance graphics card, but apart from that, it is still a rather decent machine. In addition, Apple slashed the price of the original iMac 5K in …

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More display makers to offer 5K UHD monitors in 2015

As 4K ultra-high-definition monitors migrate to mainstream price points, 5K UHD displays are set to become a new de-facto standard for ultra-premium segment. Apple and Dell will not be alone with 5K (5120*2880) ultra-high-definition displays next year as more makers are going to join them, according to a media report. …

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Apple delays certain shipments of iMac 27” with retina 5K display

Apple experiences challenges fulfilling orders for its iMac 27” all-in-one desktops with 5K retina-class displays. Orders placed online right now will take weeks to be dispatched and some customers in the U.S. are notified about unexpected delays. Readers of 9-to-5Mac web-site complain that Apple has informed them that delivery of …

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