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Isohunt’s founder believes bitcoin can kill piracy

No longer around in its original form, Isohunt was one of the world’s most popular torrent sites in its day. The founder, Gary Fung, fought courts for years keeping the site open, but ultimately relented after a loss and shut the site down. While it may have reformed under a …

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ISOHunt launches Pirate Bay clone site

ISOHunt, one of the bigger torrent sites still floating around today, has gone ahead and launched a fully functioning clone of The Pirate Bay, in an effort to “save the freedom of information on the Internet”. The site won’t be running forever though, if The Pirate Bay should ever return following …

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Isohunt owner gives final send off

Isohunt’s decade and-a-bit long career as one of the world’s paramount torrent search sites has come to an end and the site’s owner and founder, Gary Fung, has initiated the self-destruct sequence, shutting the site down a couple of days before his original court settlement decreed. It was just last …

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Isohunt loses legal battle, forced to close

Pirates around the world, remove your stove hats for a minute of silence please. Isohunt, one of the world’s longest running and most popular torrent search sites has finally succumbed to legal pressure from the media lobby and US government and has been forced to settle on a cease and …

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Isohunt hit by extended downtime

Isohunt.com is one of the biggest torrent search sites around and it’s been that way since its creation just over ten years ago. Today though, it’s had fans worried as since the early hours of this morning, it’s not been accessible – no 404, no nothing. Don’t worry though, it’s …

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Isohunt has to keep filtering search results


Today torrent search site Isohunt lost an appeal against the MPAA which would have seen it able to halt the filtering of its search results. However, backing up the initial 2006 ruling that forced the filtering into place, the court did not rule in the site’s favour. Isohunt has been …

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UK government to investigate Google over piracy link removal


While that headline might sound like the British government is doing something noble, by cracking down on evil Google’s practices, it’s actually the other way around. Despite the search giant’s removal of many millions of links that sent users through to websites that facilitated piracy, it apparently isn’t doing enough and now …

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