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Tablets to outsell laptops within 4 years

The move from desktop to laptop was gradual. Given that we’ve had portable computing solutions since 1981, it took until the last part of 2008 before the laptop became the dominant PC life form. The latest research shows that Apple’s forte will take a lot less time to pass laptops. …

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LG pwns the tablet display market

As the whole world plus dog moves to a more mobile way of computing, wise companies who invested in flat panel manufacturing technology, are cashing in big time. But in this world of LED willy waving, who’s the alpha monkey? KitGuru steps into the ring to get hands on with …

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Chip sales rocket – no one makes money

One of the smartest things anyone can do is work less for more money. Conversely, one of the dumbest things we can do is work harder/faster for less and less. Unfortunately, this is the situation that the major producers are finding themselves in. KitGuru heads down to the local takeaway …

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