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AMD’s John Byrne gets another promotion

At the same time that we learn about Intel suffering another huge fine for illicit business practices, AMD seems to be stepping it up again with another reshuffle at board level. So far, the changes seem to have had a positive effect. KitGuru ponders the size and likely impact of …

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Roy Taylor and Never Settle impacts nVidia

The appointment of Roy Taylor, former nVidia VP for global graphics sales, was reported on KitGuru first. At the time, we could see the significance of AMD CSO John Byrne’s team selection – but the question would remain, “How long would it take for Roy to begin impacting AMD’s business”. …

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Acid test for Byrne-effect as AMD prepares Q4 results

As the Dragon’s Den is always telling us, life is all about revenue. Sure, profit is important, but you can always adjust your cost base to suit a particular business model and, thereby, improve your bottom line. But that only works once you have the revenue. On that basis, you …

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AMD moves to chop 1% off its wage bill

Over time, companies gain and lose people. In the natural sequence of events, when someone leaves, they are often replaced immediately by someone else with similar experience/salary demands. Right now, that’s not the case at AMD. KitGuru looks at the latest changes and believes it has found a pattern. If …

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Radeon HD 6990 revealed in KitGuru Lab

Although we’re not allowed to tell you the results of our in-depth testing, we have been told that ‘sneak peak’ images and a little info are allowed to be revealed just prior to the launch of what is certain to be the fastest graphics card the world has ever seen. …

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