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UK Home Secretary calls for more government surveilance

Despite last year’s Edward Snowden revelations kicking off big debates about government intrusion in the day to day lives of internet and telephone users the world over, the British government doesn’t feel like it has enough eyes on its citizens. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, recently made a speech about …

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Pirate Party loses Swedish seats, gains a German one

With the EU election results in and the British press going gaga over UKIP’s stomping, its also worth taking note of how the Pirate Parties of the world did. More took part in this election than ever before, but despite an impressive turnout across the continent, the pirates now have …

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Secret court amendments fail

Secret justice

Several amendments to secret courts championing “justice and security bill,” have failed to go through, despite backing from several big name organisations, meaning beginning 8th May, when a new session of parliament is opened, more trials will be able to be held in secret. The reasoning for the bill, is …

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Pirate Party UK threatened with BPI legal action

Following up from its request last week for the Pirate Party UK to remove the Pirate Bay (TPB) proxy from its website, The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has now threatened the political party with legal action if it doesn’t comply. While so far PPUK has only received a letter, informing it …

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BPI asks Pirate Party UK to close Pirate Bay proxy

Promo Bay

Since The Pirate Bay (TPB) was blocked by the major ISPs in the UK earlier this year, the Pirate Party has been running a proxy to allow people to easily circumvent the block. Now though, the British Phonographic Organisation (BPI) has sent a request, asking that it be removed. Of …

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