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Samsung announces 8.5Gbps LPDDR5X memory

Samsung keeps pushing the limits of LPDDR5X memory. Recently, the company announced their LPDDR5X chips, capable of achieving 8.5Gbps speeds, 1Gbps more than Samsung's previous maximum announced in March 2022. LPDDR memory is the most common type of memory used on mobile devices. However, it's starting to be used in …

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New LPDDR5X standard pushes memory up to 8533Mbps

JEDEC has just published its new standard for LPDDR5X memory, an extension of LPDDR5 that aims to deliver improved performance and higher efficiency for mobile memory.  The updated LPDDR5 memory standard was designed to improve performance, power consumption and flexibility, resulting in improved efficiency on LPDDR5-powered devices, including smartphones, IoT …

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