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Apple won’t be disclosing Apple Watch sales figures

A lot of market analysts are eager to see how many Apple Watch timepieces will be sold in the first quarter of availability and onwards. In a surprising move, Apple announced it is not going to reveal exact sales numbers of its Watch devices, at least early in their lifecycle. …

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Apple to charge thousands of dollars for premium Watch timepieces

Apple’s computers, smartphones and tablets are often considered too expensive when compared to similar devices from other manufacturers. In the world of technology, specifications, software and some other factors determine the “fair” price. With its forthcoming Watch timepieces Apple is going to enter a new market of luxury devices, where …

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Looking to drop £4k on a new phone?

If you’re in the market for an over the top luxury phone, then we’ve got you covered. British phone maker Vertu have just released its new ‘Constellation’ Android phone with a price tag of £4,090. For such a high price you’d expect high end specs and features, maybe even some you …

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