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Apple won’t be disclosing Apple Watch sales figures

A lot of market analysts are eager to see how many Apple Watch timepieces will be sold in the first quarter of availability and onwards. In a surprising move, Apple announced it is not going to reveal exact sales numbers of its Watch devices, at least early in their lifecycle.

Starting from the Q1 FY2015 (which is the ongoing quarter for the company), Apple will reveal sales numbers for iPhone, iPad, Mac, services and “other products” categories. The “other products” group will include iPod personal digital media players, Apple TV set-top-box, Beats headphones and speakers, peripherals/accessories and eventually Watch smart-watches.

While it is logical to include fading iPod and stagnating Apple TV into the “other products” group since their revenue share will either decline or remain insignificant, the Watch is believed to be a high-growth category for Apple.

At least officially, Apple claims that it does not want to reveal sales numbers of its Watch devices in order not to help competitors anyhow.

“I am not very anxious in reporting a lot of numbers on Apple Watch […] and giving a lot of detail on it because our competitors are looking for it and so aggregating it is helpful from that point of view as well,” said Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple, during a conference call with financial analysts.

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Mr. Cook stressed that hiding sales of Apple Watch in the “other products” category has nothing to do with Apple’s sales expectations for the new product family.

Considering the fact that Apple is going to enter an all-new market of fine watches with its Watch and Watch Edition products, it makes a lot of sense not to reveal their actual sales numbers (either directly or by revealing average selling prices of the Watch product category in general) in order to avoid direct competition at least early in the lifecycle of the devices.

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KitGuru Says: While market analysts will most likely think something out and will reveal alleged sales figures of Apple Watch, it looks like the company wants to be as secretive as possible here.

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