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U.S. clamps down hard on piracy – 70 websites shut

The U.S. federal forces are coming down hard on websites that are selling counterfeit and pirated products – shutting down 70 websites last week. These websites offered many goods, such as golf clothing and equipment, scarves and even rap music. The domain names have been seized by the U.S. Immigration …

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Can illegal downloads ever be stopped?

Its a burning question many authorities have tried to answer for years now and there appears to be no solution for the billions lost on movie, game and application sales. KitGuru has reported many times in the past on bitorrent and newsgroups sites, including the temporary close of Pirates Bay …

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RIAA in ‘haven’t a clue’ shocker – Newzbin 2 to open

KitGuru recently reported on the closure, then quick reopening of Bittorrent tracking site Pirates Bay. Another similar situation has happened this week after a long drawn out court case against popular newsgroup search provider Newzbin. After many months battling against the authorities Newzbin finally closed their doors, linking out to …

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