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Nokia attack Apple with yet more patent claims

Honestly, if we could make this into a soap opera it would be more popular than Eastenders in the UK. Nokia have taken the gloves off again, and have responded to Friday’s ITC determination by filling another complaint against Apple, this time they are claiming that seven new patents are …

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Nokia sue Apple in Europe for finger wiping gesture

Nokia and Apple have been in legal wranglings for many years now, and the latest advancement in the legal proceedings took place this week. Nokia have sued Apple in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. They are alleging that Apple are using 13 of their patents without their permission. Nokia’s …

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Apple sue Nokia in the UK over nine patents

Apple and Nokia do not get along, it seems every month that the mobile giants accuse the other of foulplay, either via public statements or in the courts. Apple are now suing Finnish smartphone maker Nokia in the UK for the violation of nine patents it owns. Reuters have stated …

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