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Dropbox taking the fight to photo sharers with Carousel

Dropbox has been the darling of file locker users for some time now – with its simplistic interface and free storage, it’s no wonder. But one of the biggest uses of online storage is for personal photos, something that with the growth of Facebook company Instagram and other competitors, Dropbox …

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Flickr redesign hopes to make site awesome again

Before Facebook, before Instagram and Twitpic, there was Flickr, a photo sharing site from way back in the pre-Youtube days of 2004. It’s easy to forget the site’s humble roots in the wake of so many photo sharing services today, but to help remind us that it’s there, Flickr just …

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U Turn: Instagram won’t sell your photos after all


We reported yesterday how a change in photo sharing and retro-ifying service, Instagram, seemed to suggest that it had impunity to sell photos uploaded by users, as well as using their name, username, location and any other data it saw fit as part of marketing campaigns. Now though, in the …

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Instagram can sell your photos without telling you


Instagram, the now Facebook owned image sharing and retro-filtering site, has just changed its terms and conditions, allowing the site to have complete say in what happens with your photos once uploaded. It could use them in adverts or sell them to other organisations, all without telling you a thing. …

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