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Pirate Party UK celebrates sixth birthday, reminisces

Although Kim Dotcom's Internet Party has been the most attention grabbing, alternative party championing online freedoms in recent years, Europe's various Pirate Parties have been holding the fort for the better part of a decade. In the UK in-fact, it's just celebrated its sixth birthday, at which time the head, Cris Chesha …

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UK Home Secretary calls for more government surveilance

Despite last year's Edward Snowden revelations kicking off big debates about government intrusion in the day to day lives of internet and telephone users the world over, the British government doesn't feel like it has enough eyes on its citizens. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, recently made a speech about …

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Pirate Bay blocks continue to do nothing


The blocks that many countries including the Netherlands, the UK, Finland, Ireland and many others brought in last year for torrent search site The Pirate Bay, were quickly shown to be ineffective at preventing access. Groups like the BPI then targeted proxy sites like the the one run by Pirate Party …

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Pirate Party UK threatened with BPI legal action

Following up from its request last week for the Pirate Party UK to remove the Pirate Bay (TPB) proxy from its website, The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has now threatened the political party with legal action if it doesn't comply. While so far PPUK has only received a letter, informing it …

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BPI asks Pirate Party UK to close Pirate Bay proxy

Promo Bay

Since The Pirate Bay (TPB) was blocked by the major ISPs in the UK earlier this year, the Pirate Party has been running a proxy to allow people to easily circumvent the block. Now though, the British Phonographic Organisation (BPI) has sent a request, asking that it be removed. Of …

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MusicMetric evidence shows torrent site blocks do nothing

Loz Kaye

As part of its Digital Music Index, MusicMetric has released the “largest ever public data set showing trends in music on BitTorrent,” in the UK. Unfortunately for anti-sharing lobbyist groups, it shows that despite the blocks against sites like The Pirate Bay and Newzbin 2, it doesn't make a lick …

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