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Tech giants to pay out $415 million in poaching lawsuit

A US District Judge today approved a $415 million settlement in the no-poaching lawsuit levied at several massive tech companies, including Google, Apple and Intel. The class action lawsuit came about after it was discovered that several massive tech companies agreed to not poach employees from one another, which in …

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Drone tech to keep endangered rhinos safe

Thanks to PRISM, Tempora, the Snooper’s Charter and a handful of other privacy invading revelations about our technological lives, it’s nice to see one bit of spying tech that is being used for the power of good. After a successful Indiegogo campaign, an anti-poaching drone is set to be launched …

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Google Japan has ivory and whale products for sale


Despite its own policies outlawing any items that come from endangered species, Google has been found by the Environmental Investigation Agency, to have thousands of ivory and whale products on the Japanese version of its shopping site. Surveying the site over a two and a half week period in February, …

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