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Prison Architect hits v1.0 with new launch trailer

Prison Architect is Introversion’s first truly new game since 2007’s original Darwinia release, with ports and suspended projects spanning the many years in between. It’s been a long road of development, though the success of the game’s alpha has meant much more financial success for the British developer than it’s …

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Prison Architect will leave Early Access in October

Prison Architect originally launched back in 2012 on Steam Early Access, since then, the developers have been very open with customers and have provided updates on a weekly basis showing the game’s progress. Right now, Prison Architect is currently in Alpha Build 35 but by October, it will be officially …

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Prison Architect to leave Early Access this year

The developers behind Prison Architect, Introversion, are one of the few studios to do Early Access right, with regular updates and player interaction. Prison Architect’s time in Early Access is coming to an end though as the game will be fully launching later this year. This news came as it …

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