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UK politicians want to fine search engines for piracy


A number of British politicians have made it clear they want search engines to do more to help tackle piracy. One proposed solution suggested that if those search firms don’t come to a voluntary agreement with copyright holders, that the government could step in and fine them. One of the …

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UK Government warns search engines over piracy

The UK government has sent out warnings to Microsoft, Google and Yahoo stating that if these companies don’t address the issue of online piracy and stop linking to illegal content voluntarily, then legislative action will be taken. Over the last year or so, the UK government has shown its full …

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Germany approves Google News license fee

Iron Sky

German parliament has now given the voted approval for a licensing fee should the search engine wish to reproduce more than just a few short excerpts of a news story. Fortunately to come into play it still needs to be ratified by the upper house of German parliament, but that’s …

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