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Google to discourage radicalism through opposite search results

If you try searching for terrorist related, extremist material in the near future, you could find yourself instead being served links to sites designed to combat such ideas. Although Google claimed that it would still serve relevant content to those searching for terms that could be considered ‘damaging,’ offering a …

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Sponsored search results coming to Google Play store

Google has announced that it will soon be adding sponsor spots to search results in the Google Play app store on Android. The ‘pilot program’ will work similarly to how ads work on the traditional Google Search page, allowing developers to have their apps highlighted. This means that those looking …

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Google discontinues Blocked Sites, replaces it with Chrome app

Blocked Sites

Google has continued its recent trend of shutting down some of its services, with today’s Blocked Sites following on from Google Reader earlier this month. However, the search giant is at least offering an alternative this time: the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension – though of course you’ll need to be …

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Google submits anti-trust settlement proposal to EU Commission

Google Anti

Google has been under the investigative eye of the European Commission for the past couple of years, where it has been threatened with anti-trust action, after claims that Google was using its search engine dominance to push its other products on consumers. Now though, Google has submitted a proposal that …

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