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SSD price war in full flow with Crucial and ADATA

Just a few weeks ago, KitGuru was chatting internally and wondering what happened to all the cool SSD deals from last summer. We remembered a time when drives dropped below £70 and then headed down to settle around £60. Why were 2013’s prices so much higher? Looks like movements in …

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eBuyer and Amazon compete in SSD price-cut-athon

When KitGuru broke the news that Toshiba was cutting memory production in the quiet summer months to help firm up the price of SSDs etc, the affect was significant and immediate. Now that the initial concerns about availability have passed, the industry heavyweights are back in the ring to take …

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Can SSD prices get pounded any lower?

These days, watching heavyweight boxers in the ring is like watching children eyeing up chocolate bars. Almost nothing happens for ages, then a tiny bit of action and it’s all over. Back in the day, when Ali, Foreman, Norton, Frazier and co ruled the world – the action started when …

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