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The sun just flipped its magnetic field

The word's “the sun,” and “flipped,” aren't ones that you'd think would commonly appear alongside one another, since the former is the largest body of mass within light years of us and the latter is a relatively flippant term used more for describing various boards people ride on, rather than …

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We still suck at predicting the sun’s activity

For all our technological advancements, our ability to communicate across vast distances instantaneously, our large hadron colliders, smartphones and our Mars rovers, we're still a bunch of head scratching apes when it comes to the awesome power of the sun. Despite our best predictions that our lone star should be …

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Theresa May and Nick Clegg clash over ‘snooper’ bill

Theresa May

The UK and other countries around the world have been threatened by overreaching digital communication legislation many times in the past few years  and we aren't done yet. The latest one is known as the “snooper” bill and it's being championed by home secretary Theresa May – fortunately, coalition partner …

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